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Your were high obviously. So do they have good bud out there?
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Something Stupid I Said Today

At a SPEAR meeting, we all gave one sentence answers that would sum up our week.

Me, I said that I was "feeling like I always was." I guess that got an ooh and ahh because of it's enigmaticness that I had not really thought of.

But anyway, when asked to elaboarate and what I always feel like, I said "cocky and high." Cocky and high. Stupid statement because 1) I don't smoke regularly and I would look stupid trying to do so and 2) it wasn't really how I was feeling.

I'm more disappointed with the second point of why it's stupid.

I should've just said "content." But of course that was too simple for me once I thought of it, and so by my pot-stirring nature I just ended up saying "cocky and high." I was using terms that a certain person from Irvine who will remained unnamed but who's name rhymes with "Fressa" always seems to use to describe me. I guess I'm just bad at describing my feelings to people and kinda rely on how people may describe me for my own descriptions.

But eh, like good ole Docta Seuss says, "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


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