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"And if I did have a choice I'd never want to live forever. Just let me have a voice so I can make my points. I can't imagine running a race with no finish line. Just let me keep my pace and make to most of my time. I love giving but I'm bad at receiving. The truth is, I'd prefer to be the one bleeding. But I'm a paranoid that stays between play and work. Cautious and aware, 'cause I'm afraid of being hurt. Which brings me to the issue - And that would be this: How often must I ask myself why I exist? I feel like a freak, this world is a circus. Just trying to find myself as well as my purpose." - Slug

I'm in a working-class-in-the-army-pissed-off-don't-shine-your-light mood.

That tends to happen when you feel like you're getting pushed around by finals and otherwise rather than when you're doing the pushing. But alas I will recover.

But before I recover, I just want to say that this Filipino-American'll slice and lace ya'll, just so it sounds like my time being antisocial and annoyed won't go to waste.



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