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Reasons to See the Lords of Dogtown

Who wants to see that movie ?

Damn, I do foos soof !

Every part of its presentation from the language used to the images was oowasome.

The movie is about the Z-boys, the Zephyr Skating of the 1970s in Venice Beach. The name Z-boys is what initially caught my attention because I have been on a DJ Z-Trip high (damn that album is tight). And I've been wanting to see this movie since.

I'm not even a "skater", but I guess I'm always a sucka for (in addition to cornrows and manicured toes) history.

And looking these Z-boys up, I found out there was actually a Japanese chick and dude as part of the original crew --- a multiracial group. Interesting always to find those multiracial groups. >>> You can look it up if you just type in google "z boys."

If those aren't reasons enough for me to see it, I'm always drawn to see stuff about "rebel" youths. Seems like Long Beach youth and hip-hop today.

Plus, the movie ad with the abs made me think "wow, these guys are hardasses. I want to be a hardass too."

And also, "lords" sounds better than "god." Lords evokes images of the the grim reaper and black holes and ripping people's arms off. Or it could be walking through the hallowed halls of Harvard. Man so many images from "Lord". Meanwhile, straight white, viagra-using "God" in the greek robe, sits on his ass and claims he's better than everyone else. Jerk.

"Dogtown" is also a pretty good image-maker too. Juxtapose that with 70s and you come out with a red dog house and burning wood, and errr. . .flaming. . .umm. . .hair. B But, that's what the residents actually call the San Mo, Venice, West. Lairea I guess. Dogtown is not made up by the people who came up with this movie.

Overall, very wise linguistic choice here on the part of whoever chose the title. Sho-fa !

Lords of Dogtown, I will see you on Friday. Rocka mothafucka !



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