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Most Breakthrough Show: 30 Days

FX, Wednesdays, at 10 P

That's your calling to watch this:

Only 1 episode but by and far the most important reality TV show I've seen, that shows us how much it sucks to be living on minimum wage like 30 days. Unlike books that people in our anti-intellectual, ADD society that don't like to read, he actually concretizes the issue by not only interviewing other poor folks, but living it himself. Like in the movie he made, Supersize Me, his health generally suffered as he strained his wrists taking on landscaping and a scope of other jobs. His fiance developed a urinary tract infection and had trouble making ends meet. I was surprised at their commitment to making it a reality, letting their own health suffer, just for the sake of a show.

I am looking forward to more of this ish.

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