One Year of UCLA

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I'll just throw key words and phrases out there like a study list and have everyone figure out what to say:

Shelly, Phil, JP, Theresa, Dom, Nick, Aye-Zay, Oak Fresh, Bayanihan, Kaibigan, Bayanihan Pilipino, agency, Company Flow Overnight, Desiree, C-ssa, ugh Family, SPACE, SPEAR, Alma, Zulu, Ryan, Martay, Del Remedial, Toque, Constructing Panic, Ling Anthrizo, Diddy Reise, JFAV, KmB, PTSP, Daily Bruin, Steve, Chuster, asshole Chuster, Linguistic Anthro, Med Anthro, Jazzzz, Rap, Jazzy Hip Hop, Roy Hargrove, hip-hop studies, 4 elements of hip-hop, b-boy, James and his chick, myspace, facebook, history 2b, deconstruction, contextualize, construction, history of science, historical, speed and time studies, elevators, Sama-Willie-Hung, Heat, Corey Maggette, Ben Gawdawn, Kirk Hinrich, Jamal Crawford, notebooks, hella notebooks, hella days, LACC, PCC, history of medicine, Weiner, museum of Jurassic technology, myUCLA, ursa, Berkeley, Franchis Aclavia, Spayte, Yvony, Cha, Rosanna E, Lara, Matt Gruazo I'm taller than you. . .that is neat, Lisa, dance with me, talk to me, USAC, pinay president, white chicks, hit back, Hot Dogs, Hot Hot Heat, the ROOTS, Scott Gunning it, Randy, Joel External, USAC funding, SAC, Free printing, something new. . .every damn day, janss steps, skipping a step downwards, running to class, walking tall, my boo, I don't know about yall but I know about us, Alicia Keys, my boo, social knowledge, what else can't be said, who is reading this, who is in power, who makes knowledge, who controls knowledge, constructing panic, Capps and Ochs, Duranti, literary, hell no, cliques and communities compromise, writing or community outreach, stars or down to earth, ass shorts, panty outlines through the pants especially when they wear sweatpants, pervert, chilling, north campus, north campus lights, public policy, Frank Murphy Sculpture garden, knock out, freezing 60 degrees at night, oh god Research, destroy chances at grad school, kind of, Hilarious, biomathematics, ethnomathematics, UCLA Store, ethnomathematics, ethnoarchaeology, ethnobotany, ethnobiomedical engineering, ethnomedicine, punanie, obviously chasing dick, STARE ! , I don't need bling blings don't need chocolate don't need wine or pink champagne, DSLars, Burbank, Wah Dimacula, Joel, same old SC, don't doubt self anymore, less concentration, want to move out, multitasking age, UCSC hiscon, Jerkelay, Karungunan Pilipino, add a Pilipino to everything



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