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Blast from the Past: Taking Aim to Maim But Not Naming Names So Wherever Whenever This Applies Its All the Same

This post will be the strand I hold in my hand when I need to take a stand.

I know what I am capable of. I've mused it over and over, and I'm trying to not let people abuse it.

I have been distancing myself from this school culture of LA that I just got into arguably just this past quarter.

I believe that when you get too much into or invest too much into a culture, you're just going to end up being some fabricated self-important divisive ghetto superstar product who can only speak a local discourse rather than a uniting universal all-encompassing discourse.

You can't forget that this is about the people not the process.

So stop the pathology, screw the methodology, get with the ontology.

Context and perspective. . .



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