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Gone Til December

[Cue Wyclef's Gone Till November, except insert December]

Something that the SIOC (Student Initated Outreach to the Community) and CRC (Community Retention Center) folk always like to ask is: where are you now [in terms of academic and social life] ? They always follow that up with a: where would you like to be [also in terms of academic and social life] ?

Where I am now:

A huge chunk of my life this past summer has been dedicated to this project.

Right now, I'm just getting used to everything, and I haven't had a chance to incorporate stuff from my old life.

First of all, I haven't had time to engage in intellectual pursuits. Instead, I've been trying to organize and plan stuff all for this project. Planning so much that I even bought a planner for the year just yesterday.

Secondly, I've actually had to talk more than I wanted to. Talking to administrators, students. Wow, I never thought I'd ever put myself out there like I have this past summer.

I am going out of my mind, it's fun, but I won't have the luxury of focusing only on this project when class rolls by in about a month. I need to find time for classes and gaining experience for grad school and job hunting. In anticipation of those classes and the lack of mobility I'm going to have, I've made Bayanihan ostensibly (I love using this word, it's masturbatorily hilarious) a research project with my rows of surveys. I've made the position work for me.

For December:

Eventually, I would like to be the blanketing cover for my staff to shield against any bombs thrown. Bombs thrown by themselves, administrators, students. Protection kinda like the Incredibles' daughter with that forcefield ability. They've been my crutch for the most part of Summer as I've adjusted to this position. As in they've been patient. As repayment, I really want to make this project work by being well-known for doing general good shit.

Academically, I want to maintain my GPA or boost it. I'll still try and pursue the linguistic specialization in anthro. I like to analyze language in the form of semantics and syntax, but I'm not too fond of phonetics or phonology.

I also want to have applied for grad school or at least have made good contacts with faculty in preparation for grad school. Exciting.

So, yes, that's where I am and where I want to be by the next time I write in this blog in December. Hopefully I can say all this. Goal-setting. Ugh. I can't believe I'm doing this.

[Note: I didn't mention anything about my social life. . .because it never really exists or at least its status fluctuates too much for me to expect anything from it to affect what's going on in the "more important" arenas of my life]

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