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Shifting Sense of Humor

This happens every damn summer. Or at least it happened last summer. And I didn't like it.

What happened was that I started off summer with a certain kick to every one of my convos where I am this catchy, spontaneous random social butterfly with funny ass jokes and then leave summer as an angry, overly intense antisocialite with loaded comments and curious tendencies.

In other words, my sense of humor disintegrates as the summer winds down and we get ready for another school year. Yep, that's what's happening again to me. And it's bugging me trying to find out why that is.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that real school is creeping up on us.

Maybe it's that I am running out of space to think and utilize my integrative thinking.

Maybe it's that I have to become more objective-oriented.

Maybe it's me being cognitively dissonant to living on a schedule.

Maybe this time, it's the project and all these expectations being placed on me.

Or maybe it's a combo of all the above, which leads me to the only reasonable solution:

Maybe I should re-grow my hair so I give myself visual aid that I don't take myself seriously, that I think when I want to think, that I can be a scrappy but chilled out dude.



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