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Updates on Thinking

The only structure is that I will update this weekly, but it'll just be "random" thoughts. I don't care who's reading.

- Us college students with progressive backgrounds, we need to do private high school outreach not in terms of helping poor poor students but in hopes of instilling a sense of civic-mindedness and community leadership. Particularly Catholic high schools. We need them bourgeiosie middle-class kids to buy into what were doing.

- I don't like LINGUISTICS students very much. Like South Campusers, they only have something to add to the class when it's to show off and flex their knowledge.

- I just realized, my dad took my laptop with the porn on it to a real estate meeting. Isn't that going to be interesting if discovered. Oh fucking boy (and girl).


You can't ever be super organized and super creative. That's counterproductive. Try it and you'll probably be upended (or backended if that's how you do, I don't discriminate)

I'm trying to find the mix of both, because I think creativity is bred from disorder and organization is bred from order. It's a mix that I'll probably have to find a way to BALANCE for the rest of my life.

- My favorite FACEBOOK groups in order: 1) What the hell am I doing with my life coalition (UCSC) 2) Michael Fey looks like Sinbad. . .almost a little too much l

1) What the hell am I doing with my life coalition at UCSC:

The name and it brings up images of a drunk and legless Lieutenant Dan pronouncing the word "life", "lafe" in a rough southernish type of way.

2) Michael Fey looks like Sinbad. . .almost a little too much like Sinbad at UCLA

I love the description:

"The guy looks like Sinbad! I mean, Sinbad has played a wide variety of roles throughout his acting career, including his leading role as Sam Simms in Disney's "First Kid," one of the most provocative movies of the 1990s. Released in 1996, "First Kid" shines the spotlight on an aspect of the presidency not so often seen by the general public - assination attempts on the president's children and the burden that they place on the president's family.

After Sinbad's amazing performance in "First Kid," many went on to ask - what next? Many suggested that Sinbad go on to play Mahatma Ghandi, Pope John Paul II, George Washington, or Daniel E. 'Rudy' Ruettiger in a sequiel to Rudy. We suggest that Sinbad take an alternate route by playing a humorous collegiate basketball superstar in "Air Bud VI: Bud Goes to College," the sixth installment in the already successful "Air Bud" series. (For those of you not keeping score, Air Bud, Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Air Bud: World Pup, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, and Air Bud: Strikes Back)

But how will Sinbad's aging body handle the physically-draining stunts that Disney producers will throw at him? Hmmm, possibly.... A STUNT DOUBLE. But who can they find that looks like Sinbad? Look no farther than UCLA basketball superstar Michael Fey.

Not only does Michael Fey run, jump, dunk, and gaurd at the level of many current NBA player, but Fey also happens to look EXACTLY LIKE SINBAD.

Possibly too much like Sinbad?

Let's go through the facts. We've seen Sinbad on the silver screen, we've seen Sinbad at Hollywood's hottest parties. We've seen Michael Fey on the court, we've seen Michael Fey on campus, and we've seen Michael Fey at UCLA's hottest parties. But have we ever actually seen them in the same room at the SAME TIME?

No! Notice how they 'cleverly' avoid eachother and make sure never to appear in public together. It's a little too convenient.

Yes, we are suggesting the Michael Fey and Sinbad are, in fact, the EXACT SAME PERSON. Think we're wrong? We challenge you to find Michael Fey AND Sinbad in the SAME PICTURE. That's right! We knew you couldn't find one! That's because Michael Fey and Sinbad are one in the same."

3) Feeling Stupid at UCLA,

I like the description and the position titles:

"The name of this group should be relatively easy to understand even for those of you who are members or feel that you should be. If you feel stupid and go to school here, you are welcome. Come join your peers.

(The stupidness is in reference to academics but, if you just feel stupid in general, that's cool too. We don't judge.)"

They also have the positions of:

General Dumbass, Colonel Dumbass, and Major Dumbass.

I find that very funny because "general" and "major" can have double entendres (there we go with lings) in terms of either connoting military titles or adjectives.

4) Western-European American Culture Awareness Club

"For the rarest of the rare, the American of Western-European descent. Stay true to your roots, fellow WASPs, cause it's not like our culture permeates every aspect of American life or anything.

It's easy in today's minority-saturated America to forget your rich WASP heritage of controlling all of America's politics, business, and media, earning the most money, being the most educated, and having pretty much everything go our way. KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE!!!"

And with that, I am out. See you next week.



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