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Updates on Thinking

Right before an exam (exam is such a Deepak Ram word).

I should just rename all these "Updates on Thinking" to "Bucwild." Cause that's what it is, at least to those of you who might actually read this.

Let the hilarity of Texans riding mechanical bulls while swinging ropes occupy your mind for a quick second as you process that thought in your minds.

Again, I don't really care who reads this or if anyone reads at all or how crazy people think I am. I hate people anyway. No one in particular, though.

But once again here I go like ommmon:

- What if they (they as in some malicious jerk human being) changed Utada Hikaru's first name to "Utanes" ? I think Utada would lay the smack down on "they." Imagine that little 5 '2 Hapon bitchslapping some 5'9 15-dollared sunglassed short blonde hair implanted with a goutee "executive" for making such a stupid "business decision."

- Art is harder than science. It makes everything but money, though. Unless you're good or just weird.

- Been a time of rediscovery what with me updating my blogs and all. But here are some other rediscoveries. I think it's because of my nano bringing back memories:

2) Music in general. The aforementioned Utads Hiks and more especially,

***Ferry Corsten - Solar Stone Seven Cities.*** Spit, Pick up the mic !

It brings a lot of positive thoughts to mind. Running at the break of down to a rock in Elysian Park like Pocahontas, Ninja Turtles the first video game not the high-action Arcade version, NASA and the Challenger disaster of 1986, a sun-filled flight in 1987, flying on TWA in 1987, my Silver Burdett OMGC grade school textbooks that were copyrighted in 1987 and tried so desperately to have a "modern" look to them, Atlantica, the Titanic, the tip of the East Coast at night, the parties at the East Coast at night and not in a 1920s-English accent Great Gatsby kind of way.

2) I've rediscovered the Onion ! And it's still funny as hell. I realize that I can have a job with them especially since I study lings and understand that each and every word plays a role in affecting the way we perceive things. Just need to learn more and refine my skillz.

- NCAA Football 2006. The SOUNDTRACK.

I never really play the game as much as I use it to hear the soundtracks of the game. It rocks the socks like a knick knack paddy wack give a dog a bone.

I don't know if it's bomb because of the associations I make in the game with good moments or if it's cool because it actually "sounds" cool.

It's got:


The Debaser Song by the Pixies. Makes me want to smash something, or run.

Sounds like me talking when I'm at home --- all random, all shouting, all laughing, no sense.


2) The Ladykillers song by Lush, which I like to play at the start of each day in my Nano while staring at the crowd of people walking to and fro class. It reminds me of a lot of things: touchdowns, getting touchdowns by being a smooth and fast runner, and when I actually listen to the lyrics it sounds a little like me. I am an ass. Or a piece of it apparently.


3) This is Shangri-LA by Mother Love Bone.

I think of being some big bad ass 6'2, 220-pound running back from Georgia and/or 'Bama not going down and not taking any shit from lesser built stick figures you call cornerbacks. It would be fun to be a "Southern Boy."

This is some music that plays in my head when I do one of those 20 mile runs because it helps me think of what I need to do rather than think of what I lack throughout the run.

- Words that I've made up:

BADASSERY (2001) n. the state of being a badass
SHITTAGE (1998) n. the quantified sense of shit

- BTW, Saul Williams is asking in his song, "African (pronounced by Nick Nolte in Hotel Rwanda "Aww-fri-kaan") Student Union", where my niggas at ?

I'll tell you, they ain't at SD. San Diego sucks. Ladinian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk do not count.

One last thought: Random is a social construction, no ? It's only random if you don't see what elicits the behavior. I'll leave things at that.

But I will say, that right now, my blogstorm is the equivalent of busting a hole in my wall, or ripping that volleyball, or punching one of the leather couches.



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