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Updates on Thinking: The Study Edition

Or at least a studying twist. . .

Or 2 twists.

- When you are stretched thin, you cannot devote too much time to studying, which makes you more of an ARTISAN, which is NOT the ideal personality type for school and academia. I have a sneaking suspicion that academians, particularly the purely "intellectual" and less radical types who place a premium on cold logics and objectivity were all privileged children who were not stretched thin.

- On practical tips for studying: Making sense of what you study means being able to RE-CREATE a PICTURE of what is being said in your notes/books and explain why the said thing is occurring in a certain time and place.

- You ain't seen bouncin' back ! by Mystikaal.

I believe in KHARMA in this sense: For every bad thing that happens, there is a good. For every good, there is a bad. There's always some kind of tradeoff. It's just when there's a lot of bad, it's difficult to see the good. When you're in the bad, the good you're searching for seems few and far in between.

- UCLA Football, Chi White Sox, this is a great time to be a sports fan. For each team I get this feeling that my teams have nothing to lose. And if they do, there's another shot.

- Speaking of sports, I think message boards will eventually dominate the earth and from watching the Chicago Bulls message boards, I predict that sports fans will be divided along management ideology rather than geographic region.

- I need to escape people. People make me sick.

- Things that seem wrong but can't quite win an argument in because I'm not into useless power struggles: The ongoing war in Iraq.

Herego, my thoughts quantified.

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