Connections and Resume

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Tell me, where my niggas at. Not at SD, remember that.

I'm trying to clear my mind, and I'm trying to remember all the tracks that I've run through.

Search to Invovle Pilipino Americans, Kabataan maka Bayan at UCLA and P-town, People's Core, Pilipinos for Recruitment and Education Program, Pilipinos for Community Health, Pilpinos in Engineering, Samahang, Samahang Pilipino Advancing Community Empowerment, Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention, Gabnet, Academic Supports Program, Student Transfer Outreach and Mentroship Program, Center for Community College Partnerships, Inter-club Council Glendale, Inter-club Council El Camino, Transfer Center Glendale, Transfer Center El Camino, Philippines Cultural Organization (Glendale), Project Success, and La Puente at El Camino

For my project to run, still need to make connections with:

Professors, Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Pilipino's Worker Center

Just wanted to throw that out there.



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