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Updates on Thinking

Come out to play, come out to play, come out tooooo plaaaay. . .

Bring it on, God and world. I sort of know you won't bring me down, but just to be sure, just throw some more, so I can be sure.

I think I've been decimating all my thinking capabilities by listening to too much music and with that last update.

- Inspired by events that occurred today: To succeed at what you do: You must have a deep, intense sophisticated understanding of every detail you do, and the ability to forget.

- My favorite Elasticity songs, elasticity defiend as songs that really inspire you to keep doing whatcha doin':

Ranked in accordance with what I'm feeling at the moment

1. Damien Marley, Nas - Road to Zion

Roads, Burning, Running --- the 3 most essential words to any songs that try to inspire elasticity in a listener.

2. Kanye West, Jay-Z - Never Let You Down
3. Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up

- UCLA is ranked #5 in the BCS. I wish I could rub that into somebody's face who cared. All I know are UCLA fans and asports people.

- Need to study. I am doing horrible this quarter --- I'm probably going to get my B's in my classes, but I'm not getting as much out of what I learn as I used to.

- Why are people busy but have time to do other things ? I know the answer, but this is why I have such low expectations for people.



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