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Post about Blunt Violence

I don't want to be a decent person and accepted by society, I want to terrorize your dumb ass.

I hate getting pushed around by everyone, especially 45-year old 6 foot white guys with gray child pornography mustaches who think I don't know how to play basketball and old men who tell me they're reserving a parking space on a residential street.

I wish I could take the end of a rifle and bash that old guy's head in till his head's on parallel with the rest of his shoulders. He would just be a walking body but enough so his eyes could see. Least he could still see where he's walking, but he couldn't eat or talk unless he was getting injected and had a voicebox.

I wouldn't do anything to that 45-year old 6 foot greying mustached white guy except toss his kiddie-lovin' ass in with the sodomites of Rikers and watch his skinny skeleton ass get tossed and buried alive.

People just make me mad.



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