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What It Is Is What It Is

- The best time to write is when you're commenting on a picture. By you're, I mean me.

- I don't think I should watch any more Bears football. Not until they get to the Super Bowl. BTW, the Loyola Cubs are 2005 CIF Division I champions. What a game. I was thinking as I was driving my sister to her debut practice about my high school: "we are the college basketball Duke Blue Devils of high school football." Damn right.

- Stephen Colbert is funnier than Jon Stewart. The driving force behind any humor on the Daily Show. I hope they don't fight.

- Balance. Don't try too little, nor too hard.

- In correlation with that last comment, I'd like to color code: I'm the latter. The color for that is dark blue. The color of balance is grey. Santa Crizzooze all the way. I've never tried so little, so I don't have a color for that.

- Art drives science. I want to do autobiographical studies of Da Vinci, Einstein, etc to prove that true. An I want to correlate that with intelligence.

- On intelligence: the more complex your mind, the "slower" you are, but once you get it together, you'll be not only quicker than the "quick" but also tougher to argue against. That's why as we go up the primate scale from prosimians to chimps, we see longer infancy times. We see longer infancy times because the brains, which take up about 20% of our energy, are taking their time to develop.

- My topics of interest list: intelligence and its concepts, urban planning and the construction of stuff, deconstructing everything, time studies, internationalism, noting racism, language and analyzing it, art, medical anthropology and holistic healing and how effective they actually are, music, hip-hop, Canada, NYC, France,India, dichotomies, the masses and their stupidity and intelligence, park-sitting and reflecting with my notebooks, grey track pants with a single light blue outline, exhaustion after a long and/or fast run, my grey everyday pants, ladykiller collared shirts, London, Alicia "my boo" Keys, snow, making dreams come true, ass, sluts, and girls/women, girls "in a relationship"/getting slammed from behind on myspace and facebook by some walking A&F model (man we are still such bonobos), finding your weakness especially on eggheaded science minded people, know-it-alls-assholes and pouncing on that weakness, yelling racist remarks at all bad drivers (yes, even Filipinos), football, Reggie Bush, running like Reggie Bush, high-stepping, high-striding, UCLA Bruins football, Chicago Bears Football, Mulatto Mike Brown, basketball, Chicago Bulls basketball, New York Knicks Basketball, Ben Gordon, Jamal Crawford, Ron Artest, shooting stars



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