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I don't think I want to be coherent anymore. . .

I'm back bitches (perhaps that's a symmetry of its own). The MJ (bitch !) of blogging is back. MJ in terms of hitting clutch shots and making badass decisions, not the washed up MJ of Washington Wizardry. REALIZED that I can't RETIRE.

I'm here to know, show, and flow, not know, blow, and glow. Flow. Like Matisyahu.

Some phrases that I like people to think about:

Can of worms: gooey peanut colored mini macaroni pasta shells
Drops like a homing missile: Ben Gordon shot
Like a sea of red ants: Fox News

Art is hip-hop, hip-hop is art
Science and Medicine, Medicine and Science
Is not education is not education

Melt you like a fruit drop, suck you down, sip you up do it till the beat drops

I guess this is how I function when no one knows I'm around



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