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Well once a writer, ALWAYS a writer...

The writer never goes on Holiday. That's what Roland Barthes says.

I just took a long sabatical.

Here's what I know now:

-There's a game called soccer that lots of people like to play; I like to play it too nowadays, though since I'm not very good, I am trying to accelerate my learning curve by trying to kick the ball into a basketball hoop. Since I am Filipino, not very tall, and as a result, have a love for basketball branded deep into my DNA, I figure it's about time someone combined the two. And it's cool cause I make a few shots, with a nice "bend" to my "strikes."

-On I'm a Barca fan because they represent ideas I like. Ideas like...kicking Real Madrid's ass. Pinche Coronas. Whatever that means. On another note, I'm slowly devolving into a bandwagon fairweather Bears, Cubs, even Bruins fan.

-There's apparently stuff going on around the world in places other than Iraq, America, and China. I seriously didn't know. I still don't know, but I really, really didn't know. Now the rest of the world can occupy that 0.78% of brain and heartpower that isn't dedicated to the world I live in.

-I'm slowly learning the best ways of verbal communication despite increasingly reliance on the facebook. Very very sad manifestation of events, which I hope to re-direct soon. Very soon.

-There's still a lot I don't know. I hurt my head thinking about it.

-My god am I lucky to be talking about shit from the comfort of my own computer in the comfort of my own home, with food, drink, and shelter at my disposal.

-I must become an urban planner/historian/Skid Row/international empowerer/hip-hop museum opener.

-I am trying to cut down on usage of electronics in my own house. So that means I will only use the computer for no more than 1 hour on some days.

I seriously did not understand what I was writing about for 5 years. I never really bothered to go back and read posts.

Here's to another 5 years of that continuity.

Only this time I hope to talk about more news stories, urban planning crap, and continue to use this place as my theoretical chopping board.



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