Aggregation of Fun and Useful Things

by B.J. on 11/18/2007 09:19:00 AM 0 comments Print this post

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Well one of the new things I added to the blog was just an aggregation of fun and useful things in the form of an army of links to other things to do online.

I added a shnazzy lil scrollbar menu so that you aren't overwhelmed with lots of information. I put YOU, the viewer in control, if you just so happen to like that kind of thing in the age of Web Development 2.0. So you could choose to scroll if you want to, or completely ignore what I just say.

I've added articles seminal to my understanding of problems on Immigration, Housing, US Policy with other countries, colonialism, effects of our economic system, the prevalance of slums in the world, interesting things about Los Angeles.

Perhaps the things that I think are definitive are at least thought-provoking to some who happen upon a blog like this. These are just an aggregation of places that I have favorited over time. Favorited...because they contained very specific incisive information. I try as much as possible not to bullshit people with links to general sites unless they are Lincoln Land Institute of Public Policy or the Brookings Institution.

I've even added a few video scrolldowns: one on Education and one just for fucking around.


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