Graduating from a local college

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That happened last year. As was a bi-annual eye appointment, a few months later.

My eye doctor is pretty good-looking, which has nothing to do with anything, but has reference just in case she wanted to accidentally slip her hands on to my crotch and start massaging it.

One thing I picked up on and didn't appreciate however was a simple one-line question she made.

Somehow in our conversation while she was checking my eyes out, I told her I graduated just this past June.

She asked in a stunningly innocent yet incisively inquisitive voice, "a local college, right?"

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

"Local" college as if it was a community college or a third tier college. Now, there isn't anything wrong with going to a community college or any other college. Indeed, there are tons of points of brilliant folks saving tons of money at those colleges, getting the same education, learning the same things I learned.

But in this particular conversation, there was a tone of condescension. A tone of condescension where it seemed like she generally didn't think our family was up to great things. Otherwise, why would she say "local?" Why couldn't she assume a "cosmopolitan", a "worldly" school?

Perhaps she could ask or a more open question such as "was it at a college around here?"

But nope, she come from a LOCAL college, right? Because that's what most of us brown Filipino people do. We like to go to LOCAL colleges. Local colleges that are near you, accessible, UNWORLDLY, which is how I ended up at the LOCAL optometrist.

Classic case of the making an ass of you and me, if you know what I mean.

Maybe the way she asked the question also had something to do with me saying just "college," instead of inflaming the conversation with unnecessary bragging.

No one can be as smart YOU, Ms. (kinda-hot-but-probably-has-more-marks-on-her-private-parts-than-Mao-Zedong) Optometrist.

Screw her.

And I would.

Just like any other localized illiterate the world has to offer.

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