Names for My Kids

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this is the coolest entry about yourself yet.

what's the inspiration for those names?
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Mahmadou, Kaka, Deion Pupunu, Didier Drogba, Socrates.

The names I want for my 5 boys.

Aren't those some cut-your-teeth-on-this kind of names?

If whoever I'd marry/mate with wouldn't concede these as first names, then you can bet that I'll stick it in there as lucky middle names.

I would make Mahmadou, Kaka, and Didier Drogba focus on playing soccer. Only soccer. Make Deion Pupunu play American Football and only American football --- don't want to mess up his life or anything, and I'd stick Socrates in a room full of math theorems, the Principia Matematica, and Hegel's writings.

I'd raise them on a farm, then move to a slum so they'd be some hardass kids, but I'd have enough for a car and drive their asses to get a good Catholic school education.

They would all learn how to build houses, filter any type of water and help so-called third world country water systems, and how to produce edible food out of garbage.

I want my next generation of genes to be able to kick the asses of and be much smarter than your kids, and live in real self-sufficiency.

When my job of kid-raising is done, my mate and I would move to the house that I had built up and stored, and rented out all these years. And all we'd do is live there, watch TV, fuck, then eat. Then write a book about it.

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