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Aggregation of FIFA 2008 Videos

The only new music I get is and has been from video games and umm local community events. I haven't gotten FIFA 2008, but I definitely know that they select a variety of the good beats.

I don't know if there's any Brazilian music that I have heard that I don't like. Maybe my next infatuation after first Indian women, then Mexican women will go towards Brazilian women.

Salto o Frango - Bonde de Role

This one is inspirational. This song needs to run in your blood.

The Hours - Ali in the Jungle

The Cat Empire - Sly...this song makes me feel good about just bullshitting around.

I think of someone I've actually when I hear this cause it fits her personality to a tee, it's the type of song she'd recommend and the video is just a complete continuation of the song. So it's the funniest and most playful of the FIFA 08 soundtrack.

Automatic Automatic - Monster

The next track had a funny ass comment on youtube.

Carpark North - Human

"The music rocks BIG ASS!!
But i don't like the video...but well...thats propably what art is all about O_o?"

Aterciopelados - Paces
...this one makes me think of sex and one-night stands even though that's what it's not really about.

Robyn - Bum Like You...this one is weird, but strangely addicting.

Mexican Institute of Sound - El Microfono...the freshest beat and rap, hands-down.

And finally, I saved the best for personal favorite. Stirred not shaken. The smoothest production.

Pacha's Massive - Don't Let Go

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