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I don't think I read too much into things, but I can get a sense of what people feel are based on a number of things. Most of communication is nonverbal. Of course sometimes, I may misread nonverbal signs and have it lead to other problems.

I especially love those moments where people think they are superior and smarter than me.

Yesterday, I was speaking to the mother of a fellow Loyola, UCLA, University of Chicagoan, and Harvardian who has now become a Doctor.

She asked me if I graduated.

I said yes. Just a while ago, but yes.

Then she asked me where from.

She said"...UC...?"

I said "UC..LA."

Then she said, "oh but you went somewhere else first right?"

"Yes, UC-Santa Cruz."

Why the fuck do you feel the need to ask where I came from? Isn't it the same degree as the one achieved by your precious little result from fucking? Isn't it about the ends that matter?

I don't recall there being a big red stamp on my diploma or transcripts saying "TRANSFER".

It's not that I'm ashamed that I came from Santa Cruz (I still carry my SC lanyard everywhere), but I felt like the fact that I went there was used to undermine what I feel like was an achievement.

I wasn't someone who made it in initially, like the test-taking machine you call your son, but I guess I'm a late bloomer, and not less intelligent (though I think a measurable degree of intelligence is all bunk).

I know I have remnants of an inferiority Napoleonic complex, but it's just comments like that which make me want to peer in and explode their preconceptions and show up their stupid kids...without being such a prick about it to others.

I like to think of myself as bringing and catalyzing folks to be up with me if not higher.

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