Racist Crowd Chants in the World's Game

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"but it is never 'just' talk. you simply cannot separate such words from the historical context that has shaped the way in which they are being used. africa (i lived in africa for six years) was once an exceptionally wealthy continent, few africans (or people of african descent) need to be reminded how and why that is no longer the case. you cannot just brush this off as 'history' that should be forgotten because thousands continue to benefit from this history, and millions continue to suffer as a direct result - it is not history, it is current events."

- evil allan of big soccer, FC Barcelona forum on the chanting of "negro" when Toure Yaya left the field.

"a diverse global society needs to learn and accept the multitude of realities, not opinions. some opinions don't need to be accepted, and should not be accepted." - same poster

Article on the actual incident

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