OMG, Socialism, Socialism in Venezuela!

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"During the recent constitutional referendum in Venezuela, much was made of President Hugo Chavez's decision not to renew the license of a television station which had been instrumental in the short-lived coup against him.

Putting aside the multiple news outlets with which the United States meddled in occupied Iraq, these pundits also ignored that much of the media in Venezuela is controlled by Chavez's opponents.

While the opposition in Venezuela has been able to control the dialogue in its country and around the world, the opposition in the U.S. has had virtually no access to the media. While Venezuela's press has called endlessly for the removal of Chavez by any means lawful or unlawful, not one major news outlet in this country has called for impeachment hearings against either Vice President Dick Cheney or President Bush." - Robert Lee Hotchkiss, some computer science student in San Diego, LA Times' blowback article, January 9



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