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ScienceDaily Needs Better Editors

From my environmental e-subscription, this is what they wrote verbatim:

Asian Cockroaches
Could Aid Texas Growers (January 7, 2008) -- Most people see cockroaches as a terrible pest--with no redeeming qualities or benefit whatsoever. But to cotton farmers in south Texas, an exotic cockroach from Asia could be a highly beneficial insect for biological control. For several years, entomologists has been studying predators that feed on the eggs of lepidopteran pests of annual crops. ... > full story"

I love how they're called "Asian" cockroaches as if they could possibly be related to my cousins Piboy and Jun-Jun (and only my cousins Piboy and Jun-Jun).

To counterbalance their use of "Asian cockroaches", why don't say "most people see American cockroaches as a terrible pest---with no redeeming qualities or benefit whatsoever." Emphasis American.

Scientific discourse (or at least the one from sciencedaily) is just a mirror of real human relations.

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