Workers can be fired For using medical pot off duty according to California Law

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Workers can be fired For using medical pot off duty according to California Law

People can be fired for using maryjane even if their doctor recommends it.

"The court majority upheld the firing of Gary Ross, an Air Force veteran whose doctor recommended marijuana for chronic back pain stemming from an injury in the military and whose disability qualified him for government benefits.

Ross, 45, was hired by RagingWire Telecommunications Inc. in 2001 as a systems engineer. Before taking a required drug test, Ross provided a copy of his physician's recommendation for marijuana. The company fired him a week after he started the job because his test revealed he had used marijuana."

"All I am asking is to be a productive member of society," Ross said in a written statement. "I was not fired for poor work performance but for an antiquated policy on medical marijuana."

I can't believe that the court would rule 5-2. I wonder how old, and/or who exactly is buying these California judges out because this is just beyond ridiculous.

Anything can become a drug, a poison with enough dosage.

In this particular case, maybe this guy got dinged for something else and the employer used the fact that he was taking marijuana as an excuse to out him?

Unless you're injecting it or forcing it onto people, who cares? Perhaps because no one except black marketeers have found a way to make money off of it.

(Side commentary:

I was annoyed by a particular quote from Bruce Mirken in this article

"The court is claiming that California voters intended to permit medical use of marijuana, but only if you're willing to be unemployed and on welfare."

Am I missing something? You have to be on welfare to use medical marijuana? If he would have just said "unemployed" and left it at that, then I wouldn't have been annoyed. But he had to add "and on welfare". And I have to ask, why?

Though I have agreed with most of this guys' quotes, seems like he is so into his freedom to toke up that he'll say just about anything to scare the public. He probably knows that no one cares if a man is unemployed or not. And this is why he would invoke the welfare bit; the implication is that your paid taxes is going to someone who is unemployed but could be employed were it not for a law. Birken took it too far there.

His mindset communicates that he will basically resort to scaring or getting people mad at one another, and that's just a load of bullshit...spiced with chilis and peppers.



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