Hope Never Dies

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Hi Brian, I'm Krystine's cousin and came across your post- very sweet. :) I'm not surprised at how you felt about her...I think a lot of guys did. She was just so down to earth, easygoing...a freespirit, and she was beautiful. I've always thought that if she wanted to, she could go places w/that amazing voice of hers. Thank you for being a part of her life.
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Hope was the finest female in middle school. Her real name was Krystine.
Once upon a time, she came to my house for a school project. I was fucking thrilled, that is, until on the morning of the presentation she kept bugging me to get back and rehearse our presentation.

Hope owned everyone in academics from elementary till middle school. I went to school with her for 8 years and she got what we called first honors every single quarter. Her A's were straighter than a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Hope sang Mariah Carey's hero better than any version I heard. I probably almost cried cause one it was beautiful and two it hurt to know that I wasnt that talented. Her version just blew everyone out of the water. I was so excited to know that I knew who trained her singing talent. I was so excited that I had to tell my boy Matt Carew this the next time I saw him.

I hung out with her after her lesson was done, she showed me solitaire, we talked about school and classmates. Because my sister had the same teacher, I had the pleasure of seeing her at her recitals. I was just happy to be there and see her. She was the highlight of that day.

Needless to say, I thought hope was a heck of a girl. This I noticed at the age when it normally is normal to be experiencing changes. I noticed this when she got braces and started wearing the school unifrom the way she did. I was secretly jealous of the homey Tommy Boy who had hope all over him.

I had the honor of slow dancing with hope in our 8th grade graduation party. I felt like I hit the goddamn jackpot. Here I was a student heading to a high school that was supposed to be the big deal, and here I was dancing slowly with the finest female 8th grade OMGC had to offer in 1998. I thought "so this is what it feels like to be prom king." I spent most of the time to the side of her so she wouldn't know that I had just ingested a box of onions and garlic. I didn't want her to know that I had anything wrong with me or else she might just stop dancing with me.

It's funny, I remember the music ingenue was playing at some point. Ingenue means "young innocent woman." It was one of the most surreal moments of my life that song and having her dance with me.

I also remember seeing her on the day of our graduation trip. She was the last classmate I saw as an 8th grader. It was the end of the day from Knotts Berry Farm. We were in the OMGC Parking Lot.

...she gave me a wink before we drove out...

...and that was it.

I saw her 4 years later at a party. Still pretty as hell, and me wondering where the time went. If I had the opportunity, I would reconnect.

In my days of social networking, I would search for her, just trying to look up old classmates and it seems like she was still elusive. I never got to find out what she was doing what she was up to till I heard the news.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Krystine Amurao, your physical presence ain't in function, but you will live on in my memories, my musings, my actions. - Brian J. Delas Armas



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