Would the United States ever do this...?

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Aborigines to receive ...reparations?

"The Australian government has announced it will issue its first formal apology to Aboriginal people when parliament resumes next month."

It is aimed at the "Stolen Generations" - Aboriginal children taken from their parents to be raised by white families.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced plans to apologise after his victory in last year's general elections."

The move is a highly symbolic one marking a definitive break from policies of previous administrations, correspondents say.

"Thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents and given to white families or institutions to raise between 1915 and 1969.

Indigenous campaigners have been seeking a billion-dollar nationwide compensation package for the policy.

But the government has ruled this out, instead promising to fund improved education and health care facilities for Aboriginal communities."

This article just highlights the universality of effects after the displacement and degradation of peoples, as of late having been orchestrated by the people in Europe. But at least actual power-holders in Australia acknowledge something.

It would take some real change before this happened in the US.

In the United States, the politician and the common-man's cultural memory (IGNORANT white, yellow, black, brown folk) and knowledge of history is one of denial.

There's always a justification for stealing indigenous land, and/or 400 years of slavery. And if they're in the mood to completely disregard anything that happened in the past, they will respond with "I never owned a slave, I don't owe anyone a thing."

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