Do You Have What It Takes to Be an ICE Agent?

by B.J. on 3/02/2008 04:25:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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I'm not sure how they do these interviews, but I know that one of things I'd look for in a prospective employee would be enough enthusiasm. Enough enthusiasm just so they can get the job done.

I'm sure the guy in the article below supplied more than enough. He probably scored really high in the sections of motivation, willingness to conduct random raids, ruining PEOPLE'S livelihoods --- traits that ICE values dearly and holds in high regard.

Well, he's dead now.

Bright side is that the gene pool is somewhat improved, unless he left a kid behind and imbued him with similar beliefs, but hopefully there's still hope yet.

Full Article

"An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent killed himself after an armed standoff with an officer and three colleagues, Grand Prairie police said Wednesday.

Police discovered a suitcase full of pornography, a flag bearing a swastika and more than a half dozen weapons after finding Mark Juvette dead early Wednesday. Juvette, 40, was an agent with ICE's Dallas Office of Detention and Removal, which transports detainees, manages them while in custody and deports illegal immigrants."



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