State-Run Media

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State-Run Media

I am watching CBS now mainly because it was there when Stephen Curry held the ball for 8 seconds before passing it to some random Davidson white guy to brick a desperation 3.

CBS just finished talking about the Beijing Olympics and how their "state-run" media is firing back at "Western" media. Kind or ironic considering that CBS has an eye as its branded logo and a show called "Big Brother" is one of the linchpins to its success.

"State-run" has become a buzzword for communist. It's become the kind of adjective attached to the collective American patriotic amygdala for you to shake your head once again at a country like Venezuela or China.

But then in the report, there is room for CBS to have a bureau in that Communist state. What the hell is that? We've come to expect "state-run" meaning absolutely no-control, no-freedoms at all type of society.

What exactly does "state-run" even MEAN?

According to a wikipedia, the fact that things are state-run doesn't even have too much value anymore.

It's interesting that our media always labels countries like China or Venezuela with Communist and state-run. What's the mechanism behind that?

If they're brainwashed, then what exactly are we? How come we don't give our own outlets these adjectival labels as well? Like "conservative-controlled" FOX News or "excess-green-paper-driven" news outlets label of corporate/rich white person-run media?

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