Solar Stone in My Hands

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Solar Stone in My Hands

I feel like I'm in such a different spot right now.

With a job, but about to be without one. It's going to feel weird. Everyone seems to miss you only when you say you'll be gone, but I felt the love even during the time I was there.

I'm going to miss is the people I've interacted with while on the job. Kids at the public housing site, volunteers, Mexican women, Thai women, Filipinos, blacks, whites, different leaders, different working people.

All this's something I definitely would love to hold onto, capture, lay on, rest on but life ain't like that...everything's always in motion and fluid, but that doesn't mean you can't keep making happy things happen.

It's euphoric...I've never felt the love of folks, like I've felt it in the last few months.

I've always had a hate-love relationship with people in general. I've felt like I've had a good start with people, but have found a way to be let down.

Not so anymore.

Maybe because I've taken this "walking around in people's shoes" thing to a new level and I miss people's bad acts a lot more often now.

All these people taking me out to lunch, culminating in a pot luck, plus having so many other friends outside, I feel like I have the whole world in my hands.

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