Trap, Trap, Trap, Trap Trap TRAP!

by B.J. on 4/23/2008 10:02:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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Motherfucker, this is what I am.

I feel...

Trapped. Stuck. Chained.

To what.

To being Filipino. MOTHERFUCKER, I'm Filipino. I'm proud sometimes, embarrassed, don't notice most of the time (thank god for LA yo). Growing up with other Filipinos, in Filipino culture. Am I going to do anything else other than be a Filipino?

Can I be a synthesis of Jared Diamond, a Robert Sapolsky, a Ben Gordon without being just a watered-down Filipino version of anyone?

Watching American Idol and seeing the clowns particularly that blonde who can suck it like a car wash vacuum and the mini-GQ-version of Joakim Noah made it in over Ramiele Malubay annoys me even more. I love that she, Ramiele, wanted so badly to be the first Asian American idol. It's all love for someone like her.

Truth is we as Filipinos don't have too many people in the media whose images we can masturbate to over and over again other than random youtube videos about prisoners dancing, HappySlip, Chad Hugo,, and watching Hook over and over again. I guess were on the come up, but the game seems so rigged.

I mean, I don't expect much from a mass-audience, audience-driven show in America, but still it's one little notch of annoyance that makes me want to throw a wrench in shit.

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