Unseen. Unheard.

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Unseen. Unheard.

Unseen. Unheard. High School.

Only acknowledged when you do something wrong.

Otherwise ignored and meaningless.

Trapped in a state of being ignored and meaningless. "Trapped" meaning you cannot go anywhere else but. We're individuals too, we have our own choices to make, our own individual skills, but why does it feel like we still aren't achieving anything?

Maybe because the meanings of our culture aren't acknowledged at large.

Speak up, Filipino. Why is it that you can only get along with people your own circles, but when you stand up to a white guy you back the fuck down? Why you gotta act the way that human beings with no third legs or very small ones act like?

Perhaps sometimes being acknowledged, even if it is considered bad, matters much more than doing the right thing. The opportunity to be acknowledged for doing bad is much easier.

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