Humanizing the De-Humanized

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Humanizing the De-Humanized

Was just watching Punto a Punto or whatever it was with a Hispanicized version of Anderson Cooper.

Saw a clip about Fernando Botero and his works reflective of the torture at Guantanamo Bay. I now know that Fernando Botero is a name that I should be familiar with.

His wikipedia entry.

More here

Watch the slideshow below and perhaps you get a better feel.

Being naked. Tied up. Restricted movement. Vulnerable.

If not naked, then wearing an obviously feminine type of wear. Psychologically the fuck you the fuck up. De-masculinized and not just now you are reduced to some object of some people's "experimentation" with "fun."

That combined with dogs a sharp ass teeth and vicious attitudes ready to bite you anywhere they damn well please.

Socially, psychologically, stripped, clubbed, beaten of your humanity.

Damn, I think it takes an extremist attitude to actually carry out some act of torture on another human being. It's even scarier to think that this a product of groupthink or if you want to use optimistic, competition-obsessed American terms..."teamwork."

Yet, the only ones who are actually called "extremists" as if they were born stamped with that label by lots of non-critical media happen to be brown, probably bearded, wear turbans, and oppress their women.



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