My Official View on US Presidential Elections

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I've been to the rallies. I have the Shepard Fairey HOPE poster. I watched the news with a fury during Big Tuesday. I loved the story of his mother anthropologist. I expanded upon and would defend his views on race. I support the candidate, but he won't be everything we want, but he's in the direction were going.

Mr. People's History of the United States, How Zinn, has an interview speaking about his anarchist views, touches upon the Presidential elections, and the overall democratic system.

I like them.

Selected quotes:

-"When some people ask me about voting, they would say will you support this candidate or that candidate? I say: "I will support this candidate for one minute that I am in the voting booth. At that moment I will support A versus B, but before I am going to the voting booth, and after I leave the voting booth, I am going to concentrate on organizing people and not organizing electoral campaign."

-Rousseau once said, if I am part of a group of 100 people, do 99 people have the right to sentence me to death, just because they are majority? No, majorities can be wrong, majorities can overrule rights of minorities. If majorities ruled, we could still have slavery. 80% of the population once enslaved 20% of the population. While run by majority rule that is OK. That is very flawed notion of what democracy is. Democracy has to take into account several things -- proportionate requirements of people, not just needs of the majority, but also needs of the minority."

If were actually relying on one guy whose in office for only a max of 8 years to change things, especially in domestic affairs, then things are going to happen in the most flippant of flippant ways.

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