My Top 10 Female Celebs

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Just my all-around favorites. They all remind me of something. Like my jeep. I wanna ride it.

In all seriousness, these are my top 10 favorite females. For me, they all represent something more than just good-looking females. They are each a combo of aesthetic pleasure, intelligence, and strength --- usually relating to and reminding me of a component of my vida.

Before I spill my list, I urge you to read an article recently posted on Alternet. An article about the over-sexualization of our culture. Right here.

Kinda odd, since part of what I write seems like objectification especially in regards to Salma Hayek, Shakira, Mya, and Livia Andrade. Can't say that I'm completely "conscious" all the time, but the hard facts are that these are the women burned into my memory. If it's any consolation, I really really value what the top 2 bring to the media above anything else.

1.Alicia Keys

My boo.

Love her hip-hop, her curves, her smarts.

2.Norah Jones

Single-handedly responsible for my infatuation with Indian women early in college. Daughter of an honorary Banana Slug and world figure Ravi Shankar who performed with the Beatles.

Jazz and living...seemingly simple person but with lots of complexity and ambiguity. Can't find a super-hot here's-her-ass picture of her, but whatever, it's all good. I love that she doesn't (or at least looks like she doesn't) try too hard at all.

3.Scarlett Johansson

All I can remember was her smile, her legs, and confidence in Lost in Translation.

She's been disappointing in every other context outside of this movie. She could be so much more. I guess I would describe her as the Carmelo Anthony or Tyrus Thomas of women actors.

4.Raven Symone

Love the fact that she's thick and has bags for days, and doesn't give a crap.

5.Salma Hayek

From Dusk Till Dawn.


The sexiest role I've ever seen played by anyone, ever, in the history of movie-making, play-writing, whatever.

Downside is knowing that the asshead director, Quentin Tarantino of course managed to get himself some of the action.


This is how the female body is supposed to move. A collection of booty.

Shakira in a bikini.

7.Tea Leoni

When I lived in the townhouse and we used to watch a lot of TV, we used to buy TV
guide magazines. The one below we had and we never tossed it into the recycling bin. It was just there.

I guess I looked at it enough to the point where the image burned into my mind. It was an image that showed how nice legs were supposed to be.

Later in life, I saw some Christmas movie with Nicholas Cage. She played his wife or supposed-to-be wife. That's when I noticed her face.

The most aesthetically-pleasing older woman ever.


Completely, utterly, fucking blown away by her It's All About Me Video when it first came out. Was shocked at the skin, the '

ALWAYS being extremely sexy in every type of media I find her in. That's her goddamn job.

9.Livia Andrade

Other than studying favelas and futbol, she's got at least 3 of the reasons why I need to move to Brasil.

God. Damn.

10.Michelle Branch

There was really one FHM interview she did that really turned me onto her.

She talked about how most of her fans tended to be 12-13 year old boys, BUT, no one, in her own words..."NO ONE old enough to take back to the hotel."

I love the workings of that perverted mind behind the clean face, clean music, and uneven body.

Plus, I love the Game of Love. Was a good, clean, fun anthem for the Super Bowl and other events of 2004. But of course knowing what she thinks about sex too, she probably had perverted sensual images subliminally invoked into that song too.

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