A Story of Good Guys and Bad Guys

by B.J. on 5/17/2008 01:44:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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10 years ago, I was graduating 8th grade and preparing to go to the finest high school in all of LA. I did my reports way before everyone else, including an autobiography final project. I felt ahead of the class, on top of the world.

Part of that heightedness feeling was the fact that I stored part of my happiness in Chicago Bulls championship victories. I didn't have any TV series to help me make sense of anything, that is make metaphors to real life, all I needed was the Chicago Bulls winning the title and everything would be right with the world.

The good ole days of good guys and bad guys. Conquering heroes, mad bald-head villains. Costas gave the perfect commentary too giving the game this mythic quality. It was like something I couldn't touch, but felt in everyone bone and neuron on my body.

MJ retiring as soon as I got to high school was like taking away the idea of Santa Claus away from a kid.

Nowadays, 10 years fast-forwards, it's just the Bulls. A cast of regular people who just happen to specialize in basketball. They are just as old as I am, they're my homies, and they can win sometimes, but sometimes not. Especially not a lot this past season. There's no bad guys to rail against, just a bunch of other rich young guys.



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