Ronaldinho to AC Milan

by B.J. on 7/15/2008 11:48:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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Ronaldinho, I hardly knew thee...

And now you're going to Italy.

I was a fan of something I hadn't really seen or experienced. I missed that 3-0 victory over Real Madrid with the standing O. I just missed the Champions League win.

I did however came in time to see Real Madrid and David Beckham win La Liga. I came in time to see Henry join you, Eto'o, Messi, and form what was supposed to be the most unstoppable attack. I came during Christmas to see you struggle against Real Madrid.

Seems like a ton of bad luck has hit this team the past 2 years. Was it adding the UNICEF to their kits, the headband, or the commencement of my fandom? Or was it personal habits of yours.

It's been a frustrating few years following the sports teams that I do, and Barcelona, you're one of them.

I know 'Dinho was a party boy, but I always wondered why this team couldn't just make things work. From what I can tell, this team seems to be so in love with its style and reputation (admittedly one that I liked) that it never actually got around to maximizing the talents of its players. From putting Henry on the wings all season, to sticking with Eto'o against ManU, to playing Deco fresh off injury, etc.. Everyone who hasn't been there a while always seems to want out.

With some of those old guys gone, I'm worried that this team doesn't have that pizazz to carry them any further than it went last season. Seems like this team likes to kill anything resembling that. We were already one of the top defenses in La Liga, and yet we buy all these defensive players. Whooptidoo.

Messi is alright, but honestly he's overrated --- his specialty isn't really kicking the ball in the net. He's our best ball-handler, but it doesn't matter unless you're getting the ball in the back of the net. If Thierry Henry can regain that Arsenal form and/or Eto'o his 2006 form, then maybe we have a shot. Perhaps even better if we got Adebayor.

All I know is that we need guys who will put pressure on the opposing goaltender, and why not get these "shooters" from a team called "Arsenal" if not for a good season-long pun?



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