All My Familiarity Are Belong to 2004

by B.J. Delas Armas on 11/20/2008 07:25:00 AM 0 comments Print this post

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2004 was the year I most remember laced with good stuff happening. Maybe the last time my soc relations were all fluid and interconnected via spontaneous phenomena.

-I was still at Santa Cruz with the Company, Dima Dims, DSL, Wach, 'Well,

-College 10 trashtalking at the dining table

-Hip-hop dancing girl and the accompanying Dirty Dancing Represent CUBA remix that she choreographed to

-Michelle Branch's Game of Love with Santana is just a fun song

-Madden 2004 and NFL Street 1

-Parties where I played DJ on a computer, downloaded, and bumped Zion I

-Intro to the Narratives of Popular Culture, the Anthropology of Religion

Damn, I like all of my life that has happened but this time in particular is my favorite to bring up and blow up to anyone who wants to read about my interpersonal connections.


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