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This blog goes out to you, suparraDly FIRER !

Why the Bathrooms at Riverside Are Dirty as Hell

Yeah, I'm not a Riverside student (and neither are a lot of them at 'big R'), but it's fun to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me' because then 'us' ('u' and 'me' combined) could compete with J-Lo.


OK, whatever, moving on. . .

The bathrooms are dirty because students just don't give a crap (toilets say otherwise).

Respirators (thats all humans carrying out the process of respiration) get dirty by just touching the door.

I mean would you want to use a damp, dark, cement-floored public restroom at Griffith Park wearing a suit (or dress) just before a wedding ?

That's what it's like using a restroom at UC-Riverside.

Students will throw something away like paper towel and because the bathrooms are dirty, the students figure that it's dirty anyway, so then the used paper towels reach the floor, and the mess PILES. They'll spit, hack, and throw stuff anywhere they please because they know that they won't have to clean it up eventually. Trash also because especially harder with annoying, plastic, welting 'Push' trashcans from 1973, which I wouldn't want to touch after having washed my hands CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL style. As a result that paper towel ends up on the floor, and the pathogens spread. The janitors have probably lost hope of ever 'spic-and-spanning' the place (as if its an apartment) and settle for just throwing the trash and sweeping up the floor as a result of constant use.

As a result of this CONSTANT is the FOUL smell. Who would want to touch a rusty flusher with their bare hands in a horrible-smelling stahl with grafitti and toilet paper floating and flowing like 'P.Diddy's' career (maybe a Somalian kid if you promised him a crumb of your Krispy Kreme donut and a ounce of a sip of your Starbucks) ? Thus the mess and smell PILES up from the toilets. Reach with your foot to flush the excrement down the toilet !

Everything adds to the ATMOSPHERE and FEELING that the place is dirty, so what would putting YOUR trash in the trash can do, students reason.

Adding to this hold-your-nose atmosphere are the junior grafitti artistswho write on the stahls and walls. I've been thinking about the bathroom next to Buschelman's class back at Loyola, and the ones I always saw were like "Taggers suck" and "If you want a great time, call 310-386-4532 (that was random I swear), usually some number intended to be a girl's." Now in college it's been upgraded to such 'sophistry' as "End the occupation of California" and "If you are reading this, you should get down and start focusing". These taggers come to make a statement (and what better way than to write in a foul-smelling shithole), silent but deadly expressions (I mean the writing). One funny comment leads to another, and before you know it, the bathroom becomes the LA greyhound station --- PILE full of foul waste and writing on the wall.

So what does this all add up to ? A PILE of BS !



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