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This Is for the Unrecognized

I could feel it from those old dustbags.

Pssshh. . .community. . .fuck that. . .I thought. . .community of superachievers.

They made me think that a whole month could change a person's life. . .they stamped onto me that the symbol of charity is all good and fine.

They made me think that this was a community.

Even worse, they tricked my parents into coughing up $16,000+. : (

And all I got out of it was some writing skill, and a big fat frown.

Least now the university blinds superachievers' achievements and I don't have to be intimidated by anyone as much.

I hated that shit in high school. Sure, I'm proud to say that a future NFLer Matt Ware offered me advice and I went to school with Omar Wilkes', but I didn't need to know how they played every second of the day. I get enough of that shit from TV, telling me that I'm insufficient and whatnot because I'm not famous and/or rich. Announcing people's achievements just put people on a pedestal that wasn't necessary at all, especially in a Catholic for-the-COMMUNITY school. It gave them an aura that was god-like and untouchable in what is/was supposed to be an all-integrating school. I hated when those priests asked how some star athlete's dog was, but couldn't spare a second to learn my name. Especially that Beavis lookalike priest. I felt like I was being judged every second of every day there. Where was the inviting community ?

I understand that none of it was intentional and that the big guys on campus are more-or-less 'quality guys', but you'd think in such a school full of brainies, there'd be more acceptance of people as they are/were rather than pinned as strictly athletes/choir nuts/drama people.



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