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[Edited 11/07/03]

Standards: Compiling the 'Busting Standards' Posts

So here's my official position on standards: they are only needed when they prevent someone or something from getting hurt, which then becomes a rule because rules are about making things fair. Standards can be rules, but rules cannot be standards. [note: But then rules are to be looked down upon to because they only have in mind a certain group of people when they are concocted]

One reason I trash standards and define rules and standards is because I see people getting crushed like Zion I's microphones by trying to live up to standards.

I started off by trashing the notions of "interesting", then explored what made "scientific facts", then dissed the "experts" who concocted some of the "scientific facts" for not accomplishing anything innovative, explored the "specificity" required in becoming an expert and knowing the scientific facts, and now I'm here rounding it all up. It's all to the History of Randomness class. If you are ever going to UC-Santa Cruz make sure to take this class in the Spring, listed as HisCon80Q or Science As Cultural Practice. The class is a daily journey into the mind !

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