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If You Want to Become an Activist. . .

Still I am the same B-to-the-Jizzay on your fizzay. Crossing you up and shit on the basketball court and whoopin' and hollering for them Chi-town Bullies. I don't think I'm at the point where I'd die for a cause. I just think change is possible, but that there aren't enough people involved and that the way some groups approach civilians is just wrong. These groups need a diversity of opinion in my opinion. Plenty of civilians believe shit should be changed, but are just too disenchanted or scared to do anything because of the confusion and overbearing number of organizations and groups that solicit shit, so it'd help that as many cits and civs get their shit together and fire the contrived shit up to the activist groups' shit.

These are some of the links of what I believe are problems that really need to be solved:

Challenging Corporate Authority

Basically these links are about making this US of A place an actual democracy, where the power is in the people be it a single mom working at Vons (Safeway of the South !) on Sunset or a sleazy Manhattan Beacher with a two-story house, No Soliciting signs, and 3 gigantic pitbulls to protect shit he shouldn't have overpaid for in the first place.


Alliance for Democracy

Citizens Council on Corporate Issues

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County

Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy

Polaris Institute

Reclaim Democracy!

Workgroup on Citizen Authority

Environmental Justice

Unlike the traditional environmentalist movements, this cause is about helping out disadvantaged folks' environment. It's about treating a South Central Los Angeles the same way as a Beverly Hills.

South African Exchange Program for Environmental Justice

Southwest Network on Environmental and Economic Justice

Indigenous Environmental Network protects Mother Earth


Labor Solidarity

Basically, this is about letting the workers have a life.

Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment

Campaign for Labor Rights

International Labor Rights Fund

Labor Notes

National Labor Committee

National Mobilization Against Sweatshops

Responsible Shopping Guide



United Farm Workers

United Steelworkers

United Students Against Sweatshops


U.S. Dept. of Labor No Sweat

Workers Rights Consortium

I got a directory of these problems-solver organizations from this book.

And if you want stuff on just the antiracism, environment, farming, health, and popular education, there's more in that book.



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