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New Buy New Buy. . .Good Buy ?

I just got this video processor for 100 bucks.

This video processor will negate any need of a television up there. However, when I was trying to beat on MJ, Wilt, and Shaq in NBA Street 2 with the soon-to-be backcourt trio of Chicago Scottie Pippen, Jalen Rose, and a created Jamal Crawford, I couldn't because the jerky, syrupy movement of the players on my monitor was distracting me all game long. Then when I switch back to a television set, the graphics become more sharper and un-jerky and I beat the crap out of those hall of famers.

Is this type of jerky resolution for console video games on computer monitors as good as it gets ?

Can I fix it ?

Computer people, I know you have the answers for me.



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