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Standards and Rules: Act Your Age

Hopefully this can clarify earlier 'random' posts about standards, rules, etc. from July and June.

The phrase "act your age" is synonymous with "be more responsible." Being responsible entails that you don't or have the potential to hurt anyone or anything, be independent, and take the blame if you screw up.

If 'being responsible' is all there is to "acting my age", why is there a certain personality associated with being old ? Why can't an old dude like skateboarding ? There's a personality associated with being old because people in large societies like to follow each other. It's because this type of personality has become a standard.

This "acting old" is a standard. Standards need not be met because they are about being better than someone. They aren't needed to achieve the end to a means. They aren't needed to achieve a result even though a helluva lot of people highly suggest the standard. For example, if you just want to be happy, you can do whatever the hell you want rather than buying into the diatribe that you need to be some kind of money-hungry CEO shark with 3 Bentleys. If the standards need to be followed, then they are called rules.

People act as if the personality for 'being old' is a rule.



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