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No, You're Not Stupid

Cressa torched me in a conversation yesterday.

I come on here and write down observations trying to find out whatever's true, but I don't mean to indict anyone's interests. Enjoy whatever you do. If your interests do not include politics and society, I respect it, but it does not mean that you can't learn the facts and truth at least from my point of view.

Regarding the September 4th post, I just think the majority of people in this society are suckered and trapped in their interests rather than actively promoting the lack of knowledge of society. "Interests" largely meant material luxuries with a smidgeon meaning "stupid" movies. When I said "We're too busy attending to ourselves," I meant that most Americans are just lost in their material luxuries. With this overbounding excess I had in mind my parents, parents' friends, the neighborhoods I visited during my brief time in Environment California, and not necessarily college kids.

I don't really care about being an activist or starting a movement because attitudes are nothing that can be taught and whipped into people. I just report what happens based on root causes and philosophies. And for the most part, I'd like to see things end up being fair to those who don't have the advantages that many middle-classers enjoy. The lower classes don't get to experience the "American dream," and the kids are trapped in a cycle of crime and poverty. Whoever you may be, just take this stuff as more stuff to think about, to distract yourself when you're bored or even when you're not.



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