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Summer Days of 2003

The summer of 2003 is coming to a close. And that means school is coming back for me (assuming that the $5000 glitch mends itself before 09/16 and/or I get to keep my classes). No more of this blog everyday stuff. I'll blog as often as I exercise, which is 2-3 times a week because I liked wondering out loud for the first time about random stuff.

As for the summer itself, I'd wouldn't have had a great time without my fam, Shar, Chelle, Bel, Keith, Joe, the beach trips adding Jonn and Trina, driving adding Gladys that one time, basketball with Mike and Harlan, trips to anywhere with Cheryl and her friends, the whole Immac crew's Islands outing adding Sue, Mo, and Maria.

But of course my summer would have been a complete rip and shit without Cressa. Even though this summer wasn't as exciting as the Summer of 2002, I still had a great time. It was the summer of neutralness and chillin'. No "nndawddy's" got in our way. Friends to Jerry Springer, and Finding Nemo to Dickie Roberts, we saw it all. Mraz to Nas, we heard it all. Thai to In-n-Out, we ate it all. Steenky to good, we smelled it all. From politics to whatever else, we argued it all. And she freekin' won most of the time. Oh well, I still downed someone's ass in the waterfest pool.



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