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Tribute to College Dummies

So I'm sitting here doing this essay in my dorm room. And then all of a sudden there's this Tazmanian Devil of a tornado of a whirlwind of a rampage of noise that penetrates the big strong steel door that seperates me from the dummies. I just remembered.

Daniel and I discuss all the time, "our tax dollars are going to them. This [meaning high quality college education] shit is heavily subsidized."

Every time he says something like that, I think of all the morons past and present that I have met or at least seen here in college. The moron Abercrombie and Fitch couple banging the shit out of each other for everyone to hear next door and to see thru the window. The guys who think they're bad-ass on a basketball court taking everything so seriously as if they'll make our Division III team and somehow still be competent in life. The dining hall bad ass with muscles hanging out with all these stupid hoes who would get on some meat like it was drugs. The boorish dummie who would not shut up in Music of India. "Jamie" who got in my way at the Zion I, Ozomatli free concert. The doowoppy, yuppie surfer with the perfect hair who's in college "just for the ride." Won't even start on the drinkers and stoners.

Stop having fun, you idiots. You think Tanya Harding from her trailer park in Fiddlebob, Oklahoma is having fun after she had her fun ? NO !

Our tax dollars our going to them. . .down the "shitter."



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