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CD Security

After downloading songs from Kazaa, I know that annoying shit is coming. That dreaded scratch sound that says "try again, sucka." And usually, I try and download something else that uses lower bandwith cause there's less likely to be some idiots who's copies have been secured and thus scratched up.

There are two advantages to winmx:

1) I don't really want to figure out how or why that happens on Kazaa, but I may have found a handy old solution in winmx. Yes, that older, slower thing. As of this moment I have yet to experience a scratched up song, after having downloaded Nelly - Shake Ya Tailfeather, Evanessence - My Immortal, and Blackstreet's - No Diggity, 3 songs that you could download on Kazaa and hear the power of that stupid scratch noise. 2) Winmx is still as user friendly as kazaa, and you're likely to find more obscure stuff there. For example, I found L.V.'s "Throw Your Hands Up" there on the first try whereas I never ended up with any results via Kazaa. So you'll able to find grungy grungy underground, underpopular stuff there.

However even though you'll find super grungy really unknown stuff on winmx, Kazaa is still more organized, reliable, and faster with the popular underground and lesser-known stuff like Ugly Duckling, Goapele, or Ben Harper because it draws upon a lot of sources and maybe the Kazaa users with that music are more informed and keep their stuff off CD security (Guessing). And I would think most adults' music is towards that lesser-known, underground taste. Winmx is merely an alternative for truly popular music.

Blah, I also don't want to get into the legal rammifications of downloading. I'll save that for when I have time.



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