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Wi-meh, Wi-meh HEY !

Welcome back, Me !

And I'm a guy, so I'll start off by saying. . .SEX !

Bang ! Fuck ! Wow ! Moaning sounds moaning sounds, yeah, ass-slapping, (for some reason I'm getting an image of some dude mock saying "uhhhh"). . .and all that jazz with Catherine Zeta Jones. :to the tune of Sex and the City cause I just heard it this morning and thought it was catchy: Bang ba bang bang bang bang ! (You can even hum the tune to sex: sex se se se se se se) Sex. Mating. Breeding !

I mean, why the fuck do we all like fucking ? It's just a matter of some organs getting stimulated right ? Why not stimulate something useful, like your stomach so you don't end up with a bad fuckin' back ?

Is breeding the only real way to leave your mark on the world in the whole context of history of everything ?

As a member of the most powerful species on planet Earth, we have seen other humans leave their marks on the world in other ways other than 2 humans banging the shit out of each other like Leonardo Da Vinci being the genius of all time and them Greek and Roman philosophers doing their thinking and musing croips 2000 years ago. Lineages aren't as important anymore as much as what you do "in being a productive member of society (though I fail to see how giving yourself raises and gauging people out of their money is productive)." So banging the shit out of each other has taken a seat to establishing identities and stuff like that.

However, for women, banging or suggestion of banging is still the primary way that they leave their marks on the world. Rare is the popular movie that has a girl as the lead character not falling in love with some studly-looking cross-eyed dumbarse to bang them in not only 55 but 57 different places (girls are very stupid sometimes thinking what else they can jam up their stuffs much like guys with their brains lodged in their firefighters, [last name here]s ). I always walk into my sister's all-girls school and shake my head at how their existence will ultimately depend on how good they looked and who they've gotten fucked by. Sad but true shit, which will seem to always be true as long as males and females continue to look much more differently and males continue their dominance of e'rything that is good and holy so help you god.

How has this happened ?

Probably cause girls are caught in this cycle that they are weaker because they're the ones getting penetrated. And they propogate the cycle by getting the clothes that are defined as for "girls" and all that isht. We evolved from chimps, and I for one can't really tell the external difference between a male and female chimp other than by looking at level in front where a door can hit ya where dee lord split ya (in forensics I know you check the angle of a pubic bone; the female always has a wider pelvic bone). But of course, that species has its own mating rituals and I will continue to wonder how sex sex has determined the being of more than half the world's population.

Man, human girls are fucked. Still. And too many are Jessica Simpson slapbutts who don't notice and like it. Or maybe they find comfort that way and the independent woman is a slapbutt. Confoozing.



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